Integration of Payment Gateways

Yesterday, June 21 2009, I had to give a presentation on payment gateway integration at our office. That’s why I prepared a slide show. I mainly tried to show how PayPal’s Direct Payment API calls are made. I have choosen this because this technique is also used by other payment gateways. As I have shown the example based on PayPal, I called this session – “Integration of Payment Gateways, The PayPal Way“. It gives a basic idea how we can make API calls for payment processing. I have quoted some texts and images from PayPal’s integration documents.

Integration of Payment Gateways Integration of Payment Gateways

You can download the presentation from here. For PDF version, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Integration of Payment Gateways”

  1. nice presentation
    but i think if you put the data that where we will use which API it may be treated as a WOW tutorial. I am sure you have told that on speech. Anyway, thanks again.

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