Regular Expression Patterns

From various sources I have collected the following regular expression patterns. They helped me a lot in front-end and back-end validation.


Pattern: ^[a-zA-Z_ ]+$
Description: Allows only ‘A-Z’, ‘a-z’, space ( ‘ ‘ ) and underscore ( ‘_’).


Pattern: ^[a-zA-Z0-9_ ]+$
Description: Allows only ‘A-Z’, ‘a-z’, ‘0-9’, space ( ‘ ‘ ) and underscore ( ‘_’).


Pattern: /^([\w-]+(?:\.[\w-]+)*)@((?:[\w-]+\.)*\w[\w-]{0,66})\.([a-z]{2,6}(?:\.[a-z]{2})?)$/i


Pattern: ^\d+$


Pattern: ^\d+(?:\.\d{0,2})?$

Date – 1:

Pattern: ^(0[1-9]|[1,2][0-9]|3[0-1])-(0[1-9]|1[0,1,2])-\d{4}$
Description: Date format DD-MM-YYYY

Date – 2:

Pattern: ^(0[1-9]|1[0,1,2])-(0[1-9]|[1,2][0-9]|3[0-1])-\d{4}$
Description: Date format MM-DD-YYYY

US Zip Code:

Pattern: ^\d{5}$

US Telephone Number:

Pattern: ^1?[\-]?\(?\d{3}\)?[\-]?\d{3}[\-]?\d{4}$

Color Code:

Pattern: ^#{1}?([a-f]|[A-F]|[0-9]){3}(([a-f]|[A-F]|[0-9]){3})?$

Any HTML Tag:

Pattern: <([^">]+(?:”[^”]+”)*[^>]+)>


FS Snake & Lader 1.0

MSH Relation Calculator

This game is based on a paper game, Snake and Ladder. You may have played this game before. I have added nothing more. I have just programmed it for my nephews and nieces. They give me the inspiration for designing and programming this game. Hope you will like it.

Click this link if you want to download it Download


MSH Mini Puzzle Game 1.0

MSH Mini Puzzle Game 1.0

This is a puzzle game and it is freeware. You can freely distribute to your friends. It is mainly developed for children and for the beginners of computer operation. This will help them to improve their mouse movement. But anyone can play it and have fun. It is the first edition of the game. In this edition I have included 5 pictures’ puzzle. Hope you will enjoy the game.

To download a copy of the game click here Download