Enabling cURL in XAMPP

By default cURL is disable in XAMPP installation. If you want to enable cURL of your XAMPP environment then uncomment the following line:




in the C:\Program Files\xampp\apache\bin\php.ini file (assuming you have installed XAMPP in “C:\Program Files” folder).

If you plan to switch version of PHP in XAMPP you may made the change in following files (assuming you have installed XAMPP in “C:\Program Files” folder):

  • C:\Program Files\xampp\php\php5.ini
  • C:\Program Files\xampp\php\php.ini
  • C:\Program Files\xampp\php\php4\php.ini
  • C:\Program Files\xampp\php\php4\php4.ini

2 thoughts on “Enabling cURL in XAMPP”

  1. Hi,
    How can I configure the same thing for Mac OSX?? I already change PHP.ini file with above change in my etc directory of XAMPP. So when I start my server it complains that curl.dll not found in extensions.

    Thank you

  2. Hi,
    I have not used XAMPP on Mac. Have you checked your extension directory if the dll exists or not. I think the dll might have been corrupted. Try to download a fresh copy.

    By the way, if you resolve this problem then please post here how you have done it. So that others (and also I 😉 ) can know how to solve the issue.


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