Integration of Payment Gateways

Yesterday, June 21 2009, I had to give a presentation on payment gateway integration at our office. That’s why I prepared a slide show. I mainly tried to show how PayPal’s Direct Payment API calls are made. I have choosen this because this technique is also used by other payment gateways. As I have shown the example based on PayPal, I called this session – “Integration of Payment Gateways, The PayPal Way“. It gives a basic idea how we can make API calls for payment processing. I have quoted some texts and images from PayPal’s integration documents.


You can download the presentation from here. For PDF version, click here.


Our first child came to this earth to light up our life

Yesterday June 06, 2009 at 8:45pm our first child came to this world. Its a girl. Both mother and child are fine. Please pray for our new born.


Our daughter Safwana Hossain Saumya