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What to do to put an HTML element on top of a Flash object

Many times this happens that in a page we have used a DHTML menu and a flash header and when we mouse over the menu, the menu could not be visible because of the flash object comes over the menu. Another situation could be – we used a block script and the page contains a flash object and when the script is called the flash object could not be hide.
I faced these situations many times and searched web for a solution. Long ago I found a solution which worked for me to solve these problems and I am still using it.

The solution

If you are using an object tag, then add the following param in it.

<param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

If you are using an embed tag, then use the following attribute in it.


I don’t know what these codes do 🙂 as I am not a flash expert, but they work. If anyone knows anything more about these codes then please share with us.