“What is that?” – a nice heart-touching video

A few days ago, I got a mail from a group Feed-Your-Head. It contained a link to a video. I watched the video and it touched my heart. I am embedding the video below. Give your 5 minutes to view it. I am sure you will love it. The video shows what our parents do for us. But at their older age, their questions annoy us. I cannot describe the thought better than the video. Watch it… let me know how you felt.


5 thoughts on ““What is that?” – a nice heart-touching video”

  1. This is the case in every household actually. Adults tend to forget that when a person reaches old age, they become a child again. There is a poem by Shakespeare called the “Seven Stages of Life” which focuses on this very point. This is the reason why we get angry when a grown person behaves like a child. If we are “lucky” then we wont be treated like that by our children.

  2. Thanks, i hv passed it on to my friends !!
    do u hv any other collection of such video / quotes / sites ?

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