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Removing table rows using JavaScript

In my last post I have shown how to duplicate a table row. Now if you let the user to duplicate a row then you will look for a solution to remove row dynamically using JavaScript. Use the following function to dynamically remove row from a table. This code is also tested on IE6 and FF2.

 * Removes row of a table. Finds the table with table ID
 * @param targetTableId - Table ID
 * @param targetRowIndex - index of the target row tobe removed
 * @param skipRows - Number of rows to be skipped
function removeRow(targetTableId, targetRowIndex, skipRows)
     var targetTable = document.getElementById(targetTableId);
     var tableBody = targetTable.tBodies [0];
     var totalRows = tableBody.rows.length;
     if(totalRows == skipRows)
          return false;
     if(targetRowIndex == undefined || targetRowIndex == "")   
          targetRowIndex = totalRows - 1;